Road Millling Teeth CW6
Auger teeth, bullet teeth CB47K19H
Cutting picks CU170 mining bits
GET G-08
chocolate bar
Hammer fitting to Morbark, V mill 1500, with 6 layers of CGP

About Us

RMC owns for forging production lines mainly based on friction press machines (30/400/300 tons), a full set of technological processes including mold, CNC fine machining, welding, heat treatment, complete material test, tensile strength test, 3D dimension measurement, hardness test, welding firmness test, magnetic participle test as well as complete quality systems of ISO9002, TS26949, QS9000.


Competitive pricing

Higher standard of quality and service

Faster delivery times

Hardfacing application

Hardfacing apply 1
Hardfacing apply 2
Hardfacing apply 3


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Mining Indonesia 2019
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